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Full Spectrum CBD Sea Moss Gel

Full Spectrum CBD Sea Moss Gel

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Our OG Sea Moss has been infused with CBD Hemp Oil.

CBD Hemp Oil is known for having a wide range of potential health benefits, including alleviating pain, reducing anxiety, improving mood, and aiding sleep disorders. Our Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil used contains 0.24% THC.  

Sun-dried, Wildcrafted Sea Moss from the Island of St. Lucia.

Soaked in alkaline water with organic lime.

As always, this is made fresh to order. This blend has a hemp odor.

Our products contain no preservatives, chemicals, nor artificial ingredients.

Please keep refrigerated. Will last 3-4 weeks if properly refrigerated.

2 Different Strengths and Sizes in Stock:

  • 4,000mg MAX STRENGTH 16 oz (41.7mg/1tsp)
  • 2,000mg MAX STRENGTH 8 oz (41.7mg/1tsp)
  • 2,000mg 16 oz (20.8mg/1tsp)
  • 1,000mg 8 oz (20.8mg/1tsp)